National Grand Show Champion GRCH 'PR' America's Virginia
Legacy owned by Dale & Laurie Young.  Shown are Jamie.
Michelle, Glenda & Doyal Anderson.  Dale & Laurie Young. Judge
Dr. David Birdsall & Taylor Nichols. "Gin" is a Lucy and Pat pup.  
A very big 'CONGRATS' to Gin, Dale, and Laurie!!!
Gin won Grand
Champion both days at
the Michigan State!!!  
She was overall
opposite sex winner.
Gin won Grand
Champion both days
& Queen of Show at
American Redbone
Gin won Grand
Champion both days at
English Days!!!
Gin won Grand
Champion all 3 days at
National Redbone Days!
Gin won Redbone
Female at the 2009
World Championship!  
Right before her 1st
Gin won Redbone
Champion at the 2010
Grand American.
NGRCH GRCH 'PR' America's Virginia Legacy
is the 2010 Redbone Breed winner of The
Purina Outstanding Bench Show Coonhound
series.  Congrats to her owners Dale & Laurie
Young.  "Gin" is a Lucy x Pat pup.
Some of Gin's 2010 wins
Gin 2010 Top Ten
Gin 2011 Winter Classic
Grand Champion
Redbone Female winner.