NGRCH GRCH 'PR' America's Virginia
CONGRATS to Dale & Laurie for all of ya'll's
wins!  We are so happy for ya'll.
We would like to take a minute to thank Dale
and Laurie Young for everything they have
done for us and for making this cross possible.
H.H.H. Low&Slow  Reddog @ Barons
went to Deleware
Lightning went to North Carolina
Mia is in Virginia
Rita is in Utah
GRWCH FCH CH 'PR' Yellow River Lady Grace DNA-P  x  
GRFCH CGRCH GRWCH CH 'PR' Elburn's Heavy Hitter
DNA-P Born Oct. 29, 2009
5 males & 6 females
CGRCH GRCH 'PR' O.W.'s Sierra Legacy DNA-VIP x  
CGRCH WCH GRFCH GRCH 'PR' America's Patriot
DNA-VIP Born Oct. 1, 2009
2 males & 6 females
GRCH 'PR' Hoo Hoo Hollow Twin Oak Haley  
x  GRCH 'PR' Sidearm Experiment-626 Stitch
 Born August 4, 2009
2 males & 7 females
CH 'PR' Hoo Hoo Hollow Allhands on Deck  x  
GRCH 'PR' Hoo Hoo Hollow Psycho Red  Man
DNA-VIP  Born Jan. 27, 2008
4 males & 7 females
GRWCH FCH CH 'PR' Yellow River Lady Grace DNA-P  x
 GRCH 'PR' Hoo Hoo Hollow Psycho Red Man DNA-VIP  
Born July 7, 2007
5 males & 7 females
'PR' Hoo Hoo Hollow Miss Lazybones x
 CH'PR' Hoo Hoo Hollow Brutus
Born April 19, 2006
3 males & 3 females
'PR' Conner's Max
is in Va
'PR' Psycho's General Lee is
in Va
is in Va
is in NY
Please send us pictures of your Hoo Hoo
Hollow pup so we can put them on here
for everyone to see how they are doing!!!
Hoo Hoo Hollow
Duchess was in Va.
CH 'PR' Benson's
Oakwood Maggie May
is in Georgia
Emily is
in VA
GRCH 'PR' Hoo Hoo Hollow Twin Oak Haley
x CH 'PR' Barbee's Bay's Mtn. Hank
Born May 15, 2009
3 males & 2 females
is in MD
is in VA
is in PA
CH CCH 'PR' HHH Yankee
Doodle Dandee is in VA
Sioux is now
June and  is in PA
'PR' Hoo Hoo Hollow Miss Annabelle x
CH 'PR' Hoo Hoo Hollow Brutus
Born Oct. 20, 2006
2 males & 1 female
is in VA
Red Ryder Daisy
is in Oregon
Jeana was in SC
CGRCH GRCH 'PR' Hoo Hoo Hollow Caught Red Handed DNA-VIP
x GRCH 'PR' Midnight Vindicator's Vengence DNA-VIP
Born May 25, 2009
5 females & 6 males
White girl "River"
is now Bella she is
in Moon, VA
Orange girl "Paige"
is now Dixie she is in
Cherition, VA
Yellow girl "Shea" is now
Scrary Ridge Cricket & is in WV
Blue boy "Bigelow" is
now in Woodford, VA
Green boy "Nelson"
is in TN
GRCH PR Rob's Code Red
Patented Legacy is in VA
Black boy
"Mason" is in VA
Green girl "Courtney"
is in VA
Yellow boy "Wilber"
is in VA
White boy "Doolittle" is
now Romeo and is in NC
Boucher's Cool Hand
Luke is in Va
Moose is in PA
Cinnamon is in SC
Orange boy "Thorne" is in
Louisville, KY with the
was in NY
Brandy is in VA
AKC World Water CH CCH
'PR' Hoo Hoo Hollow
Daisy Duke
RIP 12-29-07
is in Va
'PR' Grand River's OK
Punk'n Pie is in OK